Affiliate program AudiT


Optimize your affiliate program with an in-depth analysis performed by industry veterans. The audit will cover every facet of your program, from your sign-up page to your offer analysis. We'll look at your competition and their offers as well and provide best practices and recommendations to grow your program. We also offer SEO audits, Affiliate Program Migration, and Affiliate Program Packages. You can download a .pdf of our affiliate marketing services.


Here's what the affiliate program audit will contain:



extreme affiliate audit

Competetive Landscape: See which networks your competitors are on, what their commission structure and return days are, their banners and promotions.


Offer Review & Recommendations: Based on the competitive landscape, you will know if your offer is compelling to publishers. We will recommend a new baseline offer if necessary (tiered/flat/SKU based etc) as well as private offers.


Marketing Communications: We will review your interface communications such as the create links page, acceptance email, join program page and the affiliate newsletter and provide best practices from our programs.


Banners, Text Links & Link Categories: Do your banners communicate your value proposition? Do they reflect your brand? Do you have all the standard sizes? We will review your banners and text links to make sure they provide good coverage of your offering as well as share banners of your competitors:


Promotions: Review of how your affiliate promotions stack up against the competition.


Affiliate Program Page: Do you have an affiliate program page on your website? We will review the page you have up and provide best practices.


Product Feed & Other Link Types: Review your link types and ensure your product feed is up to date and contains all of your products.


Publisher Review: Which top publishers are in your program, but not driving revenue? Which publishers up down YOY? Which top publishers should you recruit? Can your existing publishers drive more revenue? Receive in-depth audit of your publishers as well as an outreach spreadsheet to existing and new top publishers.


Program Reports: What are your top selling products? Non-commissionable sales? Receive YOY data highlighting the vital program stats.


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