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Best practices for migrating your affiliate program from GAN to another network

The Google Affiliate Network is shutting down on July 31, 2013. This change effects nearly 1,000 Advertisers that will now need to find a new home for their affiliate program.


While this creates a tremendous opportunity for affiliate networks thats absorb these advertisers, it will create countless hours of work for Publishers and Affiliate managers. Here are a few best practices and suggested timeline for migrating your affiliate program.


Best Practices & Timeline for Migrating your Affiliate Program


1. Contact Your Publishers


Contact your publishers re: your timeline for migrating to another network and stay in touch with them frequently with any changes. Know they are going to be bombarded by similar communications, but make an effort to get in touch with your revenue producing publishers.


2. Choose a New Network (2-3 weeks)


Consider migrating to LinkShare, Commission Junction, and Pepperjam Networks that are all well regarded and have a similar cost structure as LinkShare. Here's a list of Top Affiliate Networks.


3. Launch Your Program on the New Network


Allow for two months of migration time before shutting down your Google Affiliate Program.


After sending a notice to your GAN publishers, start auditing affiliate placements to ensure publishers are picking up your new links. Google allows you to export your list of publishers, so be sure to do that before you shut down your program.


Consider extending a short-term private offer on the new network to incent publishers to switch the links and thank them for their time.




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