Add a second or third language to your website. This is vital in multilingual countries. If you're not translating, you are turning away a chunk of your potential clients. You can use Google Translate, to translate your site for FREE, but a human translator would do a better job. Consider using a translation service such as TranslationMarket (one of our clients!).


Build your e-mail list by collecting e-mail addresses on your website, at events and at your retail store. You can use or (free!) to create e-mail collecting form for your website. Note: Make Always collect e-mail addresses legitimately and have a clear opt-out message in every communication. Learn about e-mail communications laws in your country.


Setup your blog and start posting product updates, infographics, contests etc. Wordpress is one of the best platforms for creating a blog, and it's free. There are hundreds of great plugins for translating your blog, making it SEO optimized, even adding a shopping portal.


As soon as your website launches, sign-up for Google Webmaster and Google Analytics tools for your website. These FREE tools give you all the information you may need about your website traffic. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to check the health of your website.


Get notified when someone mentions your brand or product on the internet. Set-up Google Alerts for this FREE service.


Quality links to your website (also called "inbound links") are critical for helping your website get ranked on Google and other engines. There are many ways to get inbound links. A good place to start is linking to your own website via LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and any other place where you already have an account. If you are part of any organizations, ask them to link to your website. Note: Never outsource linkbuilding to a company that promises you a hundred links overnight. Doing so, and any other spammy linkbuilding techniques may get you penalized or blacklisted from Google.


If you are using Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Pinterest for business, display these buttons prominently on your website.


Be reachanle to potential customers. Have your phone number & email easily accessible on your website. Small and large companies are often very difficult to reach..and they may lose out on opportunities by hiding this information.


Create a newsletter and send it out to your customers once a month or as often as needed (but not too frequently) to announce new promotions, new products etc. Use a nice HTML template and remember to test it first before it goes out to your e-mail list.


Hundreds of press releases are submitted every day company and product launches, events etc. If you are creating a Press Release, don't be boring. Submit something DIFFERENT interesting or OFFBEAT about your business. This wil help increase your chances that it will be picked up by the media. 


If you’re making chocolates, create a strange new flavor or shape. If you’re selling pizza, make a $1,000 pizza pie (oh wait, that’s been done!). The point is, do something different that will get you media coverage. Bonus Points: Read ‘Contagious: Why things catch on’ by Jonah Berger to get some ideas on what makes something Viral. 


Sign-up for Google Places to appear in local searches with a map to your store, hours and phone number. 


Collect nice testimonials and post them on your website. Video testimonials are great too.


Once your site is live, ask your friends and family to test it on different browsers. Test all your forms and email addresses and test the site on mobile device as well. Ask your friends review the site content and site structure. Does the navigation of the site make sense? Does the content flow well? Do the photos take a long time to load?



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