Paid Search Consulting


Target customers in any region by showing up as a "Sponsored Listing" at the TOP and RIGHT SIDE of Google (or another engine). This is a pay-per-click means of advertising your business.


Here's an example:



If you are already running a Paid Search campaign, 9AMConsulting can optimize your existing program through A/B testing, landing page optimization, promotion test, keyword expansions and more.


If you are interesting in launching a NEW Paid Search Program, we can launch it and train your team to manage it (or continue managing it for you).


Elements of Successful Paid Search Program:


  • Quality landing pages

  • The "right" keywords & phrases

  • Compelling Ad Copy

  • A/B Testing of promotions

  • A/B Testing of landing pages

  • Tight Ad Groups

  • High Quality Scores


Benefits of paid search


  • You will see an immediate boost in your web traffic.
  • Ability to set your daily/monthly budget
  • Target customers in any country
  • Landing Page Testing. Want to find out which page converts better? You can do a split A/B test campaign.
  • Promotion Testing. What to know which promotion converts better? You can do A/B test of Ad Copy.
  • Understand your website conversion. How many orders/leads do you receive from every 100 visitors?




Q: How long does it take to launch a Paid Search Program?


A: For a small website of 30 pages and fewer, it will take about 3-5 hours of work for us to launch your campaign


Q: What budget do you recommend for paid search (for click cost)


A: If you are looking to do a Test Run of paid search, I would recommend $500/month or about $4,800 HKD. Many medium and large businesses spend thousands a month on paid search - it works!


Q: How much do clicks cost?


A: About $1 USD ($7 HKD) and up depending on the keyword or phrase.


Q: What do I need to get started?


A: Please contact our team for a consultation:




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