Launch a campaign on Google Adwords to appear in the sponsored listings at the top and right side of Google. You can target the campaign to a specific region and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Learn as much as you can before setting-up your campaign and remember to cap your daily spend!


Facebook ads are amazingly targeted. You can filter your audience by age, sex, marital status, location, interests, and much more. For instance, you can target your ads to customers that "liked" your competitors page. You can link your ad to either your Facebook page or your website.


This is a great channel for B2B ads. You can pay based on impressions or clicks and reach a specific vertical, age, location, and job title.


There are hundreds of websites you can advertise on. Search for websites of interest and then contact them re: their rates. Be sure to check Alexa rankings to see how popular the website is. While many popular websites are very expensive to advertise on, you can still find targeted niche sites that would be open to a $50 USD a month ad.


Want to reach targeted audience but don’t have an email list? Instead of purchasing an email list, you can find companies that would be willing to include you in their newsletter for a fee. For example Daily Candy in US or Sassy Hong Kong in HK.




Next, is Get Traffic via Social Media (coming soon!) Are you getting stuck? Contact 9AMConsulting about launching and promoting your website.