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Whether you have a small (or new) website or you offer 10k skus, you'll benefit from an in-depth SEO audit & best practices from our team. Our thorough audit will contain detailed analysis, best practices and recommendations for a solid SEO foundation. The process typically includes a 3-4 week review of your website and then a 6 week implementation of recommendations. Just to show you the level of detail of our site audits, here's a table of contents from a recent audit done for a large client. We also offer Affiliate Program Audits and SEO Packages for Small Businesses.

Contents of the SEO Audit:


extreme affiliate audit


Keyword Analysis: This is where we'll identify keywords that are relevant for your business.


Current Google Rankings: We'll provide a report of your current Rankings as well as keywords you are not ranking for.


URL structure analysis: Simply put, we will look at the structure of your URL's, folders, page names and provide feedback.


Best Practices: How much content does my website need? What is the best way to build links? Does affiliate marketing help with SEO? Our report will answer these and dozens of other commonly asked questions.


Backlinks: Reports of your inbound links and your competitors.


Technical Issues: Do you have duplicate content issues? Pages going to 404 page? We'll review various technical issues that affect your SEO program.


Sitemap: Review your link types and ensure your product feed is up to date and contains all of your products.


Image Optimization: Optimize your images for Google image search.


Copywriting: We can help you write and edit your content for SEO while keeping it consumer-friendly.


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